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Team Effort at the Cowman Triathlon

A large number of the Havering Triathlon Team turned out at Emberton Country Park for the Cowman Triathlon on August 6th. We represented in all distances from AquaBike, Sprint Relay to the full Cow,

'What a fabulous day we all had yesterday (Havering Triathlon Club) at Emberton Park, Olney for one the club championship races. I had a total blast being at an event and taking part with many members from the club for the first time, May there the many more. Standing there at the finish line when the rain was lashing it down to cheer on the two long distance club triathletes as they heroically crossed the line, well that just made me well up. What a club and a testament to it’s founding members and the sheer love and comradeship felt by all.' - Iain Webb

'What a fantastic day with the most special people and best club in the world. Swim was very weedy at the start. Just about made it to the first buoy. Actually said to paddleboader that I’m finished but he said just take a rest. Started swimming again and just chilled out. Got the swim done. No idea of time and not interested in it. Deliberately didn’t wear a watch to keep me from chasing a time.

On to the bike and FINALLY I get to race on my Speedmax. f me, seemed to be climbing for 10 miles. Pre race plan was to chill out on climbs and that’s what I did. . Unfortunately I can’t push on the rest . Ride moving time of 3.15 but that didn’t include needing to stop to take inhaler and also water stop. Bit of cramping on last climb but all was well.

The RUN (walk) was an event in its self. 1st lap …where the xxxx are we going? In farmers fields and going . Back, quads, hamstrings and various other things hurting but nothing as bad as having no oxygen in lungs. This was the case for all the run. . Run time, don’t know don’t care.

Why this long post you may ask???

What was best about today? Yet again our members came all the up north to support. That means soooo much and that is the reason why I never said sod it I'm stopping. '

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