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La Santa 2024 - Meet the Triathlete special - Ian Webb

Meet the Triathlete Post!

Have you ever attended a triathlon training camp?

We have asked some of our club members who recently attended our annual training camp at Club La Santa for the first time to give an insight of their experience.

Here is Iain Webb's experience of his first time on camp...

Q1: What your feelings / concerns ahead of coming on training camp at La Santa

Firstly my only concern to start with was that of getting along with people I didn't know in such proximity for a week. Generally I find it hard to make and keep friendships and as such, keep myself to myself and not talk much. When people do try to get to know me, it can get a little too intense for them to deal with the issues I’ve overcome. Later on closer to the camp there became another concern and that was my lack of training which I had done little if next to nothing for five months prior to camp date apart from swimming and a few runs. Would I be able to cope with the intensity of a weeks full on triathlon training?

So, was I fit enough? I can answer that with a yes and no. Yes, I could get on with and do everything I could and No, means that due to not having the fitness I was able to back off and either join a different group so as to cope or not to do one or two of the sessions. Let’s face it, we are adults and we can choose. This was great advice from Graham Goddard - don’t go out at the beginning of the week and fall flat mid way through. Take it easy to start with, build up and if you need to back off, do so…..

So back to the question - None of the feelings or concerns had any basis of foundation as there was no one at camp with an alter ego. As far as I’m concerned everyone got along with everybody and all helped and encouraged each other.

Q2: What were you looking forward got the most?

I was looking forward to mostly being able to train in the sun with like minded people who were all there first and foremost to train also and to get the most out of La Santa 2024.

Q3: What weren’t you looking forward to?

I was not looking forward to the high relentless winds I have heard so much about on the bike routes from past camps. We did have some head winds but, by eck the sun made up for any of that.

Q4 What was the highlight / biggest achievement for you at training camp?

The friendships made, the camaraderie between all participants, great food (plenty of it), the sun (naturally) and the fabulous organisation for putting all of Lanzarote Triathlon camp 2024.

My biggest achievement would be the 14km run walk I managed without any foot pain or the feeling of breathlessness. In fact, it was all a big achievement.

Q5: What are your recommendations for anyone considering coming on the training camp?

My recommendations would be :- Don’t hesitate, book for training camp 2025, you will not regret it. Naturally - train before you go so that, you can get the most from the experience but, we all know in adult life we are thrown curve balls, so it’s not the be all and end all!! Leave any ego at home, enjoy the experience, make friends.

Here’s looking forward to meeting you all in 2025 on TCL.


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