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Summer Racing Round up

As we slowly emerge from lockdown, the (shortened) racing season got into full swing with our club members competing at a variety of events, from the Bolton Tri, where Matthew Smith became an Ironman, Lakesman where Sarah Robson won the female age group 50 -54. Grays Tri, Eton Dorney and the Cotswolds. Then on to the Tribourne multisports series in which Jon Warren who raced the full distance and won his age group and came 10th overall.

Perry Tidbury took part in the epic Castle to Coast and we had team members at the London Landmarks Half Marathon and Maldon Tri.

Not stopping there,

the club represented at Outlaw Holkham Half, Bolton and Outlaw Nottingham where Lynne Wade, James Stubbs, Mark Birrell and Dave Lindsay became true outlaws.

This weekend we have a whole host of club members taking part in the London Triathlon, Abi, Ben, Luke, Dean, Adam, Wayne, Charlotte, Mark and Olivia, plus a whole host of team mates who are down there to support them. Go Havering Tri!

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