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Outlaw Nottingham

Team members Melanie Green, Jane and Lee Evans, Chantel Coetzer, Marc Daniels, Steve Gallant, Josy Hughes, Mark Sommerville and Nikki Warnes all triumphed at Outlaw Nottingham in May, supported by a large contingent of Havering Tri who travelled up to Nottingham to cheer them on. Race report from Mel Green...

Am an Outlaw , my first Half at Nottingham.

I started my training plan but it didn’t go well , I wasn’t getting any stronger on the bike and started stressing that I wouldn’t make the cuts off’s . I went into the race with the wrong mind set and resigned to the thoughts that if I didn’t get through the swim then don’t get out on the bike I’ll have a rest for the day . To my surprise I was on the bike which I knew would be tough ( bit like one tree hill , there’s not one tree or one hill ) flat and fast courses are for people that are fast . The last 2 miles road surface was horrendous .

I just about made the cut off on bike and was escorted in by event bikes . It didn’t help that I was second from last wave to start swim so there wasn’t many people out on the bike course .

Got back and started the run course which was full of people and my confidence in finishing was back . I had this , I knew I could run given the chance .

The encouragement from HTC was amazing to see Lynne and Guy on the bike course gave me a massive boost. Then Nikki when I arrived on the run course , Marc & Mark was great . I blow up on the last 2 miles but I knew at this point I was gonna finish so wasn’t worried.

Les told me at the start concentrate on swim techniques which I did and got me out feeling happy .

Thank you Chantel for your help , you smashed it coming second.

My brief was to finish and not be broken which I did

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