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Midnight Man report

Ron Seddon is an inspiration to many members at the club and he has very kindly written a race report following his recent race at Midnight Man… At a Tuesday evening open water swim, talking to other members I realized that the Midnight Man event was important to the club and wanted to be part of it. My problem was I knew my fitness would not carry me through a half Ironman so to be sensible I entered the quarter (Olympic) distance, this meant I was at least part of the action! On race day it was very hot but fortunately the race start was late afternoon. Havering Tri members all entered the water together and we made our way to the start line but I quickly lost contact with the others.

We were soon off with a blast from the st, I swam wide of the pack to keep out of trouble but then negotiating the first few boys was hectic but we all survived. Thinking of what was to come I tried to conserve energy and swim as relaxed as I could, on exiting the water we had clamber out as the water level was low. On my way to transition the shouts of encouragement were fantastic, all went well in transition one of my better ones, and I was soon off on the bike section. Feeling good on the ride, I found myself pushing harder than planned, but once again with so many shouts of encouragement lap after lap I felt I was riding within my capabilities, then with the ride done it was in to transition, all went well and I was soon making my way to the run start only to hear Scott ‘my son-in-law’ shouting take your helmet off so back I went and started again on the run. Starting the run I found my legs adjusted sooner than expected from bike to run. It was cooling down a bit by now but still very warm for running, there were plenty of other runners out on the course, for me this was a good thing as it helped me to keep going. On completing the first lap I was given so much encouragement and with a well earned drink I started the second lap knowing I was well ahead of my schedule. The lap went well, it took a few minutes longer than the first, it was dark by now but running through the finish with the finishing time in lights was great. The support from Havering tri members including my family and friends is what made this event very special. I am proud to be a member of HTC. Thank you so much Ron for this race report, Ron actually won his age group at this race, congratulations again from all at HTC!!!

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