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Meet the Triathlete: Dave Lindsey

Introducing to you Havering Tri's new Head of Cycling, Dave Lindsey. Here Dave gives an insight into all things triathlon.

I joined HTC in 2017, I think after deciding to do a triathlon with my wife for some “fun”. She didn’t do it but I did and the bug bit. Learning how it all worked in 2018 and learning to swim “properly” with @kaysadultswim. On to 2019 and it was race time. I have only completed one season with 4 triathlons as 2020 was a write off with Covid.

How did you get into triathlon and what was your sporting background previously?

As mentioned triathlon was originally something I was joining the wife in to give her a reason to train for. Coming from a cycling background of around 8 years, Club riding, sportives and the last few years racing Crits and road races with some half decent results, a couple of wins and a few more top 10’s. I figured how hard could it be adding a bit of swimming and a run to it. Well, shockingly hard as I found out. A reasonably good competitive Cat 3 ranked cyclist doesn’t default you as even a mediocre triathlete without some seriously training and adapting LOL!

What was your first triathlon that you competed in, please give a brief overview?

My first triathlon was Hanningfield Olympic, thankfully I’m a pretty confident person and winged racking and all the new stuff and just went for it. It all turned out okay. The water was freezing and I couldn’t swim it all front crawl but then come the bike and it was fun again. My outlook on the bike is all about go fast as I can without spoiling the run. I am very reserved when it comes to over doing it in events and always like to finish strong.

Hanningfield was a warm up event for Ironman Staffordshire 70.3 and my A race for the season. All went well and I finished off with Maldon and then Clacton which was also the Club championships. Not a bad first season in triathlon.

2020 I was due to step up to full distance at Outlaw Full but that has rolled over to this year. With not ideal prep, its looking like its going to happen and I’m about to get into my next training block in preparation for the race.

How have you maintained your training over the past year in the hope that we will get to race at some stage?

Since Covid I haven't liked to ride outside much especially when numbers were so high. So I resorted to my trusty turbo trainer as odd as it felt outside of winter training time. A decent set up has allowed me to continue to progress through 2020 with the plan of rolling the event to 2021. I just had the mindset that I would be faster with another year to prepare and to keep training as I love the routine and focus it gives me.

What was your go-to-work out and most invaluable piece of training kit that has helped you continue to train?

My go to workout would 100% be a mixed effort turbo session, something to really get the heart rate up. My turbo trainer along with a decent power meter has allowed me to train well, monitor my progression and given me motivation to keep working hard.

That along with a decent long(ish) run to clear the head, have time to reflect and chill out. I never thought I'd say I like to run a few years ago.

Your race goals for 2021 and 2022?

2021 will be a PB at 70.3 at Outlaw Holkham Half and a respectable time at Outlaw Full

2022 will probably be some more family time but I expect 1 or 2 quick 70.3’s in there somewhere.

And your dream race?

Somewhere warm with a fast, flat route and good scenery. Oh and it has to be easy to drag the family along for a bit of a holiday too. Answers on a postcard please!

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