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Meet The Pro-Triathlete: Tom Davis!

Continuing our regular profile, we are delighted to bring you another exclusive and special feature. A big thank you to pro triathlete Tom Davis (Thomas Davis Triathlete) for kindly taking the time to answer some questions on training and racing. Tom grew up in Upminster and trained as a youngster at the Hornchurch athletics track.

You got into triathlon at university at Loughborough having previously competed in waterpolo at GB level, racing at ITU level before turning pro in 2019, looking back what advice would you give to yourself on the challenges you have faced turning pro?

I think my best advice is to surround yourself with people who have been there, and soak up as much advice as you can . That’s what helped fasttrack my journey in the sport, but you’ve also got to work out what works for you. Don’t try to just copy someone else. We've all got different physiology, and different weaknesses

What has been your go to work out and most invaluable piece of training kit that helped you to be able to continue to train whilst we waited to return to racing / come out of lockdown?

I think like most people, the turbo, and zwift was invaluable, both being able to train with my coach and friends, and also allowing me to get all the sessions done with the restrictions in place. It also allows for uninterrupted intervals, and provided a competitive element whilst that was otherwise competitive.

Having raced at Challenge Daytona back in December and recently at Challenge Riccione, how has it been logistical wise / what hurdles do you face to be able to travel to and race abroad?

Travel and racing is tricky, and i think it will continue to change, even for the next couple of years. The hardest thing currently is getting exemptions to visit a country, or even to enter the country, so that takes the most time - paperwork is the biggest thing now. Isolation has also been another stumbling block, each time I come into the UK, having to stay in the house for 10 day…. but all in all i'm just grateful to still be able to race, even if I have had more Covid tests than I care to count.

Your long-term goal, with your successes to-date competing at 70.3 distance, do you see yourself moving to full distance in the future?

The goals for this year are Kona, and Challenge Daytona again. I'm off to Ironman Frankfurt in a few weeks to give it another shot, and then the focus depends on what happens there…. Although Daytona is a big target in December so I can't say I'm focusing on one or the other. I think that both styles of racing can be combined quite effectively

What is your top tip for any aspiring triathlete?

Make it fun - train with friends, and say yes to things just because. It'll help keep motivation, and also keeps the body guessing and adapting.

Photo credits: thatcameraman / two26photography

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