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Kay Hamilton

How did you get into triathlon and what sport did you compete in previously?

So some may know, and some may not, but my background is swimming - at the age of nine I was training 12 times a week and competing for a local club and racing internationally against the likes of Sharon Davies in the 800m freestyle - by the time I was 15 I represented Scotland and travelled to some amazing places, my high was Scottish Junior Champion for 200m butterfly. I then retired from the pool and ventured to open water competitions coming 8th in Europe for 3K.

I did my first triathlon in Lanzarote, at a place called Club la Santa – which is where we go regularly for Havering Triathlon Club training camp, we were there on a swimming camp and they offered this as an event , just a small sprint being pretty fit in the pool , I thought this will be easy .. oh how I was soooo wrong ! It's not about being fit in one discipline it's trying to put them all together.

First triathlon that you competed in, how did it go?

So after returning from La Santa I decided to enter my first triathlon in the UK, one of my mates wife’s lent me a bike, a wetsuit and I had entered the Olympic distance London Triathlon at the Excel Centre in the Docklands. I was very nervous and didn't know what to expect , I knew I would be ok in the water, well that's what I thought... there was a massive wave , people swimming all sorts of directions and abilities, not what I was used to with organised open water events. I managed to get to the front and get ahead exiting the water first in the wave. Running up the steps to bike racking, nearly falling and slipping, not being able to get the suit off .. it was all a bit of mess. By the time I got on my bike I reckon 50 people had come in and gone!!!

I had a good race on the bike, however it was not fast, more people passed me and I was not confident at all. I got off the bike and ran , ‘ouch’ where had my legs gone ? .. I think I came second to last that year .. so plenty of room for improvement then!

Most memorable race that you have competed in so far?

In triathlon terms I would say it was the 70.3 in Cascais, Portugal – it was amazing. I had worked pretty hard on cycling that year as I knew there was a tough hill climb, I completed it and those of you who know me descending is not my favourite .. also I would say Turkey 70.3 had to be there too , just the venue they held it at was gorgeous , it was nice to know you were never far from the finish.

Another event I have to throw in would be ‘Windermere One Way’ – which was superb, and last I would def say the Sweden ‘swim the artic’. It was an amazing experience but a long way to go for a swim !

If you could compete in one race, be it a triathlon or swim event, what would your dream race be?

I would love to try ‘Windermere Two Way’ but some training would have to be put in - as that’s the same as the channel distance. My aim is the Channel , however the cold and jellyfish and night swimming I’m not 100 % persuaded about!

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