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Meet the. team: Perry Tidbury

Name: Perry Tidbury

Club Position: Members Representative & BTF Level 1 Coach

How did you get in to the sport / join Havering Tri?

Growing up I used to watch Trans World Sport on Saturday mornings and I saw the highlights of ironman Hawaii which absolutely astonished me. I was never really in to team sports so in my younger years you would always find me over Rom Skatepark skateboarding. I guess triathlon appealed to me just because it’s a solo sport. I have been with Havering Tri since 2019 my good friend Lisa Gaskin encouraged me to join and I haven’t looked back since.

What’s the best thing about being a member of HTC?

The thing I love about our club is the different personalities and people who come to train with us. I have made some amazing friends over the last three years who help encourage me in my training and I hope I encourage them also.

Most memorable race?

Weymouth 2018 70.3 was my most memorable race. It was my first middle distance and it was a doozie to boot. The swim was super choppy and visibility was very low and fighting the tide out was hard. The rain was relentless on the bike and the wind really kicked up, so glad I didn’t get a puncture because so many people pulled out due to hypothermia trying to fix their bikes.

Sun came out for the run ( typical ) so a half marathon in zero shade was great fun, but all in all I knew I was hooked to this sport even more.

Most embarrassing or funniest moment in triathlon?

Just ask all the other club members my antics seem to get me in to a pickle of some sort 

What’s the best advice you would give to a new member of HTC :

Ask all the other coaches and captains before coming to me ?

No seriously try to look at this wonderful sport with an open mind. Try to enjoy each individual element even if you are not good at say swimming or riding a bike on a open road we will encourage you and help you develop your confidence. We all had to start somewhere so if you are unsure just ask the questions because even now I’m still learning more and more about triathlon.

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