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Meet the team:Mark Birrell

Name: Mark Birrell

Club Position: Events and club kit

How did you get into the sport / join Havering Tri?

I picked up an injury which meant I couldn’t run, so mate of mine suggested I went out for a bike ride with him. He was already a member of HTC and so it snowballed

Initially I just went out for a few Sunday rides with the club but soon realised that joining properly was the way to go.

What’s the best thing about being a member of HTC?

The great thing about being part of HTC is the support, encouragement, advice and camaraderie. Training with like-minded people with similar goals makes it so much more enjoyable and, I think, productive. Not only when things are going well but also through the harder times, whether that be physical or emotional. Taking part in events is also much better with club mates. It helps me with the preparation; chatting about the conditions, route, kit, nutrition, etc; it helps calm my anxiety issues and then during the event its great having that support within the race (as well as the supporters). And afterwards its ace to celebrate together

Most memorable race you have competed in?

I have so many great triathlon memories: my first tri event in Malden, doing Outlaw for the first time, running up the finishing chute in my first IM branded race. But my greatest memory is the Bastion event at Hever. I have a film clip of the finish, I must have watched it a hundred times and it gets me every time

Your most embarrassing or funniest moment triathlon related?

I have a recurring nightmare where I can't find T2 in a race. I can hear it all going on but just can't find it. I know, very sad....

What’s the best advice that you would give to a new member of HTC?

If you are new to the sport, start of slowly and build. Listen to the advice and guidance but find out what works for you

And don’t neglect strength/conditioning and stretch/yoga session

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