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Meet the team: Kay Hamilton

Name: Kay Hamilton - Goddard

Club Position: Club Secretary

How did you get into the sport / join Havering Tri?

I swam internationally in pool and open water and then someone said to me about trying triathlon - I competed my first tri at Excel in the Docklands which was the London Tri and I was hooked. I am one of the original founders of Havering Triathlon club and now continue to run the club with the Committee and with my husband, Graham Goddard who is Chairman.

What’s the best thing about being a member of HTC?

I love meeting new people, making new friends and helping people achieve their goals. For me it’s not so much about the training, although it’s nice to do some training once in a while, but I love watching others progress and enjoy the sport.

Most memorable race you have competed in?

I have completed six 70.3 Ironman and 2 non branded . All have been epic - If I had to pick a few - Dublin was my first 70.3 as I trained for that making sure I beat the cut offs. It was a sea swim, it was rough and I remember the exit pontoon collapsing ! Then Vichy , we raced in 40 degrees ! Then Finland it rained and a unique event as it started in the afternoon so not an early morning. Lastly I would say Turkey, it was strange as it was held in a theme park so support was superb!

Your most embarrassing or funniest moment triathlon related?

I’m not sure - so many for me. As those who know me will understand. I have many ‘Kay’isms’ .. one that does stick out - I was doing Outlaw Half and put my carrier bags over my feet to help put my wetsuit on - when I got out of the swim and was in transition tent , wetsuit came off and out fell two carrier bags!

What’s the best advice that you would give to a new member of HTC?

Never say ‘I can’t’ !! My dad used to say it’s not a word in the dictionary. If you want to do something you can...the body is an amazing thing and you can push it to all sorts of limits with a little training. Triathlon can be expensive, but you don’t need to spend loads on gear, do your first one and see if you enjoy it first then once you get the bug you can upgrade

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